8 months ago #2
This was a decent little beat-‘em-up. I enjoyed it enough, but I’d recommend Phantom Breaker and even Squareboy VS Bullies over this one (and of course, none of these have anything on Odin Sphere or Muramasa Rebirth).

Only a few of the levels in I Am the Hero gave me trouble. The most annoying part was one boss that I had to defeat 4 times. That boss summons minions, and you have to defeat them as well after you take down the boss. The first 3 times I beat the boss, I was so low on health that the scrubs killed me in a few hits before I could kill them and finish the level.

After I beat the game, I just needed to get a guide and find a few hidden collectibles (I only found one of 10 items on my own). Luckily there’s a chapter select, because I doubt I would’ve played the whole game again so soon.

It was okay, but play the other games I mentioned first.
Soul cold, indeed.
There won't be a time when I'm at ease.