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  3. Can we ever get Geppy X in A SRW?


4 weeks ago#1
Just saying really feel like they deserve a spot.
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User Info: Zerokage2099

4 weeks ago#2
they brought virtual on before

so sure, there's hope for it

cept it's too obscure

User Info: manila2k1

4 weeks ago#3
I'd honestly prefer Front Mission, especially the third game, but this ain't bad.

User Info: Nichtcrawler X

Nichtcrawler X
4 weeks ago#4
Zerokage2099 posted...
cept it's too obscure

Obscure has never stopped them before.
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User Info: hyugaz

4 weeks ago#5
Grant Us Xenogears oh gods!

User Info: manila2k1

4 weeks ago#6
hyugaz posted...
Grant Us Xenogears oh gods!


User Info: VermilionX

4 weeks ago#7
squre enix won't let bandai namco have them
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User Info: manila2k1

4 weeks ago#8
Sakura Taisen was thought impossible to get too.

User Info: _Val_

4 weeks ago#9
Dunno about Xenogears, but Xenosaga at least would be very manageable. After all, we had SRW OG units appear with Xenosaga in Project X Zone (also featuring series from Capcom and Sega), so the opposite should be easy since it all belongs to Bamco.
The main question is whether they'd want to do it, as SRW is more about mech animes rather than other games with mechs. It would work pretty well though, you have the usual mechs, battleships and alien enemies, and KOS-MOS is always a selling point.

On topic, I had absolutely no idea what a Geppy was until I saw this thread.
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  3. Can we ever get Geppy X in A SRW?