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    Hey I ended up getting this game at an anime convention last month on a whim it was kinda costly (100 Canadian) I knew of this series cause I know a friend who lives overseas who is a huge fan of the series and would often tell me about it

    so I thought what the hell, PS4, english translated for me (since it's an Asian copy, though at the time I didn't know it was, I thought the game got a western release and I just missed it lol)

    and despite not having the DLC (since I lack an Asian account maybe I'll make one one day) I just couldn't put it down as long as the game had Gundams I was gonna be happy...and man what a nice selection, Zeta, ZZ, CCA, G and Crossbones

    PERSONALLY woulda added Unicorn, Wing and 00 but this was a great selection, the game allowed me to even learn a little about series I never really followed like GaoGaiGar (still have that theme stuck in my head lol) The Marzingers, and Getter, it's been a really fun experience Im about level 30A (cause come on a gundam fan like me missing out on a certain Icon? Lol)

    so anyway my question, so was their a prequel game to SRW T? Like a game that elaborated more on the past events the characters mention about or is this a stand alone title story that more or less assumes the player knows enough of past lore to catch themselves up to speed (like Zeta pretty much ALREADY happened and we're seeing a Kamille that survived Scirocco's attack and went on to mentor Judah...even if Kamille's own bio states that Scirocco's attack "damaged" him lol)

    anyway really fun game but I was a bit disappointed to learn Four wasn't in the game, one of my favourite characters from Zeta...and considering this game has characters that admit they SHOULD be dead, really feels like Four being dead isn't THAT great of an excuse to exclude her lol
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