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User Info: Cashino0

2 months ago#21
Sans Pants posted...
Give Ruri the +50 max SP special order and one of your SP Regen parts, try to get her to Great Ace (easier in T because the enemy density is such that your battleships probably should get 1-2 kills per stage) and then you have access to around 5-6 Wish castings per stage near the end.

You should be able to kill an entire map with Bless in the latter half of the game with some decent MAP usage, if not earlier.
Fuu also gets the cheapest bless in the game with her Ace bonus. A combination of her Ace Bonus and Custom Bonus also means she'll start out the map with max SP.
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User Info: KaelAltreul

2 months ago#22
I pop fund/xp bonus now and then, but I don't go crazy. I at least try to pop it on bosses. I don't use Judau and I use Spike sparingly. I don't use any of the fund/xp/tacp up items. Not using any emblems either.
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User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
2 months ago#23
You should be able to kill an entire map with Bless in the latter half of the game with some decent MAP usage

I refuse to do something so utterly disgusting. I'm going to obsessively balance kills in every single stage from now until SRW stops being made.
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
2 months ago#24
Kills stops becoming important by the last dozen stages or so when all the series main characters should have long been Aced and if you didn't bother using the B-Listers, should also be Double Ace'd.
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User Info: Cashino0

2 months ago#25
Sans Pants posted...
I refuse to do something so utterly disgusting.

Funny thing is that I'm not even referring to "one unit kills everything" a la Zeorymer. Between Ruri, Fuu, and SP Regen parts (both passive regen and consumable-types) should net you something like 20+ shots of Bless, and that's not even factoring characters with Luck and whatnot.
If you push things to the limit, you can pump out something like 40 Bless per stage; depending on the map, this will be more than enough to take down everything one by one without deliberately needing to waste turns.
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User Info: Nidtendofreak

2 months ago#26
Generally go straight to the custom bonus upgrade. If I can't but I really feel that I need to upgrade a unit I'll focus on Sight and EN (when applicable), and then Mobility or Armour/HP depending on the unit type.

Weapon damage is whenever I feel my units are starting to kill too slowly. Once I have my main cast/frequent secondary units up to custom bonus + 4 or 5 bars in weapons I start upgrading random units in that selection up to random amounts depending on where I feel they're struggling in.
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User Info: Xaldin0011

2 months ago#27
30% for units I think I'll use, 50% for ones I determine I'm sure I'll use. Weapon level 5 after that. Max Armor/Mobility/EN next depending on what the mech needs most. FUB units and give them all an additional Power Part slot after that. Then the rest goes to weapon upgrades.
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User Info: Sundercles

2 months ago#28
Early game: get a few strong/favorite units to custom bonus, MC +5 to DMG to insure boss kills no matter what route I take

Mid game: entire main team at 50%, forced deploys at 50%, MC +10DMG, main team DMG increased evenly, but one unit (God Gundam on first run through) also at 100% DMG to insure getting SR points

Late game: start getting above 50% evenly across units, 100% ~3 units (Dann, God Gundam, Getter Robo)

End game: go crazy!

NG+: upgrade the units I didn’t use in the first run
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User Info: Shuu_Shirakawa

2 months ago#29
In the old days I spent everything on weapons I used most (finisher moves and/or the main P weapon which doesn't need -great- morale. Think Getter Beam or Dancouken) then EN and limit (when this stat still existed).

Nowadays I like to upgrade till custom bonus and max weapons. With extra cash I upgrade gradualy my units (everyone to 60%, then 70% and so on).

I only go for FUB in multi-loop SRW games.

The only games I'll focus on FUB first are the Masoukishin series, since you absolutly need it (huge bonus) to be more confortable and it's over cheap because only 3 stats to upgrade (HP, EN and armor. No accuracy, evade or whatever.) It cost a pityfyl amount, less than 200000 to FUB a unit in those games.

User Info: mpchi

2 months ago#30
Usually I only upgrade Weapons(max if I can) and EN, only focus on units I use often. All the other upgrades I just rely on parts and pilot level ups. This keep things a bit more challenging, but I don't rob myself from the 'growth' of my units to make them more powerful. They can still die if I am careless, but they will hit hard.
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