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User Info: Irrelevant

4 weeks ago#1
So a lot of these series I don't know anything about so some stuff has been a surprise. I'll be sure to list the stage and what series is the surprise along with spoiler tags.

Scenario 24 Days of the Past GunXSword stuff So I figured if the old man Wendy bumped was a good guy he'd be a supporting character and if he was a bad guy he'd be an assassin with I dunno a preacher gimmick. So yeah not surprised he was a bad guy but I was like 'wait this soft spoken old man is THE CLAW!?!?.

Scenario 34 Day of Demise Magical Knight Rayearth stuff Okay so for much of the Rayearth stuff it seems straight forward. Zagato is the bad guy and they got to rescue the princess. Likely there will be some twist to this some point. Before the map stuff from Zagato's dialogue it is becoming clear he loves Emeraude but she seems to not love him back? Plus T3 seems to sense not a lot of malice from him. What was an actual surprise is that it turns out Emeraude is an adult, loves him back and goes berserk at his death. So yeah turns out from the start the missio nwas to kill her. Didn't think CLAMP would pull something like that.

Hm is 44 gonna surprise me again with this pattern?
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User Info: salvadorfranz

4 weeks ago#2
That's pretty much what happened with their own series. In fact, Rayearth only had a 2nd season because fans demanded to get a happier ending than Emeraude getting killed by the Magic Knights because it was their mission.
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User Info: Cashino0

4 weeks ago#3
Zonder-fied Wolfgang
DG Cells+Invader+Primeval/Zonder Metal
Sol System being called Endless Illusion
Expelled from Paradise and Wiseman. It was a predictable crossover but not quite the way I was expecting.
The Power with SSX
Shin Getter Dragon having a development very similar to the original manga
Autozam crew arriving while Season 1 is still going on.
Debonair's influence on everything
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User Info: Baby_ragna

4 weeks ago#4
Rayearth and Arcadia. Because haven't watch both show
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User Info: Irrelevant

4 weeks ago#5
@salvadorfranz Well yeah I figured that was the case. My point is that I hadn't watched or read Rayearth so I had no idea about that.
Snesman64 and I are brothers stop being surprised.

User Info: ShunWolfkin

4 weeks ago#6
Yeah for those how hadn't seen or been spoiled of Rayearth's plot that would almost certianly be a surprise. I have seen folks talk about it being one of the best plot twists in anime. The anime ends up being rather cutsey, the good guys always come on top, etc. And then bam. That ending. But it wasn't out of nowhere. There are plenty of hints throughout that the world isn't as 'light' as it first seems.

Oh and Clamp has a lot of serious stuff. I am kinda surprised that someone would think Rayearth doesn't fall right in line with Clamp. A lot of their stuff is rather more serious/heavy than it may first appear on the surface. Or maybe it is just the ones I have gravitated towards.

GunXSword is another one that has a bit more depth to it than you would first think. In fact the action scenes etc I would say are rather weak. What props the anime up, is the characters and how they interact and fit in the plot. Also I loved the OP since it would change as new characters were revealed or died(not much, it basically just shadowed out characters, but I still felt it was a good touch).

Anyways as for the topic. I was a bit surprised about the UND's true goal. I just went and bought that the Tyranado's secret was the goal. Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to catch that that was a red herring given to us.

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 weeks ago#7
Ciela Lapana still existing somewhere within the Aura Road and giving Show the Bellvine.

The whole discussion about the status of the Bellvine not being a royal guard of the Kingdom of Na despite being personally constructed by Ciela as its not colored white. In a way, that makes giving Show the Bellvine effectively making him Ciela's personal knight, which I thought was a good ending for Ciela as that's what she's secretly wanted in the main series.
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User Info: BillbertGundam

4 weeks ago#8
Eagle joins T3 just like that. I thought he'd be secret. Also Lantis being playable (and super strong) makes me happy the most.
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User Info: starqo

4 weeks ago#9
Bellvine being Show's unit. Really, did anybody see this coming?
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 weeks ago#10
No, I like pretty much everyone assumed it would be a mid-season upgrade for Shion because Show already has Billbine's Aura Shoot attack.

But like I said earlier, I did like the explanation they gave it.
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