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  3. How does this game compare to the others in the series?

User Info: superobo4ever

1 month ago#11
I recommend SRW X for TC.. stay away from V its easier than twitter.. and stay away from OG games.. they are not for new comers.

this is my srw games tier list :P

top tier
3 (psx)
4s (psx)
F Final (psx)
Alpha Gaiden
2nd Alpha
3rd Alpha
IMPACT ( if you ignore loading times )
2nd OG ( PS3 )

high tier
the remaining games

low tier
first srw ~_~
SRW T rider G7 Hype!

User Info: mpchi

1 month ago#12
Davzz posted...
Given that this guy's first SRW game is T, why are you guys recommending him MD, a game that was clearly designed for people who are very familiar with the OG series and is in fact like the 5th game or so in its subseries?

I don't see why not.
- TC wants to play PS4 SRW games, and not that concern about story.
- OG MD is great and I enjoyed it a lot regardless not knowing a good number of the characters and mechs, just like how many getting into SRW games haven't watched a lot of the anime series featured. Besides, OG MD focused mainly on Touma's story, the main character of MD.
- Not everybody have the patience and access to playing all previous OG titles in different platforms and consoles, not to mention to very outdated graphics and system. But also doesn't mean they can't enjoy OG MD as a stand alone title. Just like not everyone needs to watch every single Marvel movies to enjoy Avengers, especially when in MD, the game is tailored to have you as the main character.
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  3. How does this game compare to the others in the series?