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  3. What bits of dialogue did you like?

User Info: LoweGearGS

4 weeks ago#11
The entire DLC where all the second-banana characters go off to prove they are just as useful as main characters.

User Info: shiro ashta

shiro ashta
4 weeks ago#12

Anime ja nai? Why Judau, you don't say...
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User Info: TsunamiFox

4 weeks ago#13
wert567890 posted...
"Oh my god, Judau you cant just tell the truth like that"

Instantly made me like Judau after hating ZZ for years

I love this game

That was a good one.
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User Info: Virsago

4 weeks ago#14
Not played Sagiri's route yet but I generally like Saizo's comments as they're so relatable.

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User Info: Irrelevant

4 weeks ago#15
For 'awww!' factor I loved in the stage where Rudi offers jobs to T3 cast, stage 26 I think. When she offers Tetsuya a job he's like 'nah whatever.' But when she says he can bring his wife and child into space he immediately goes berserk and Rudi quickly apologizes.

Actually another bit I liked was how in stage 24 a bunch of people are following Tetsuya in hopes of meeting Jun and some of the women want to meet Jun since she was an inspiration to them as a female pilot when they were younger. I like that meta touch since Jun was pretty uncommon in the 70s.
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User Info: Enlino

4 weeks ago#16
When Koji fights Joe the Ace, Joe says he never thought he'd get to fight his childhood hero.

Stuff like that, or the interactions between Ryoma/Koji/Amuro, or the way the El Dorado crew know everyone are really fun. I really like the bits where the characters from different series have a shared history or at least know about each other, it help make it feel more like a cohesive setting.

Along the same lines (lategame spoiler?) Van talking about how much he had admired and envied Domon for saving Rain was a really good use of G Gundam being post plot.

User Info: AnnihilatorSol

4 weeks ago#17
Zagato’s line when saying he knows he can’t win the battle against these outside warriors. But atleast will do his best to destroy the magic knights. Atleast he knows his limit, I wouldn’t dare fight gunbuster or getter with my magic knight man, not in a million years.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 weeks ago#18
So far almost everything with G Gundam has been great. Its post plot G Gundam done really well with good interactions.

I also love how the older heroes are actually treated as well... older/legends. World feels more fleshed out than some of the older SRW games where everyone is meeting everyone for the first time or drops a throwaway line of "oh yeah I've heard of you before from X incident!"
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User Info: Shuu_Shirakawa

4 weeks ago#19
The Getter Team when they kill those two fusion bastards.
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User Info: sshelio

4 weeks ago#20
Van telling Domon how much he inspired him.
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