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  3. What bits of dialogue did you like?

User Info: Virsago

4 weeks ago#1
For example, I chuckled during Haman's ace milestone chat with Rami.

Haman: "You and me are about the same age."
Rami: "Bwah?!"
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 weeks ago#2
Rami is 18-20s. She's older than a lot of the cast despite looking so young.

Didn't figure Haman was that young in ZZ.
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User Info: Baby_ragna

4 weeks ago#3
Domon when he spar with Amuro

Domon: So you're from the Newtype school...
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User Info: Knux19

4 weeks ago#4
I like how Chibodee just accepted that Master Asia controlling DG Cells was probably something contrived and ridiculous and we just rolled with that. On that note, I had Argo provide some Support Defends for a couple of his Shuffle compatriots. I rather liked these.

Argo defends for Chibodee: "Where's your vaunted footwork now?!"

Argo defends for Goerge: "Aesthetic won't protect you from damage!"
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User Info: KaelAltreul

4 weeks ago#5
Secret Scenario 11 with Nero and Blackmightgaine. The hero and master talk was gold.

User Info: YoungThugger

4 weeks ago#6
Akatsuki: “This place used to be under Nergal management, you know. I’m here to evict you by the authority of having absolutely disgusting amounts of money.”
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User Info: pitsukoro

4 weeks ago#7
Spike fighting g gundam minions:
"Cowboys and zombies? Ugh, sounds like I'm in a B movie."

After yet another "Master Asia's alive?! I thought he died!"
Master Asia: "I'm tired of talking about it."

User Info: Virsago

4 weeks ago#8
Van and his crazy face: "GONNA KILL THAT SON OF A *****!!"
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User Info: Astrolala

4 weeks ago#9
Akito telling Domon "Your voice strikes a chord with me."

I think I had a small tear from that...
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User Info: wert567890

4 weeks ago#10
"Oh my god, Judau you cant just tell the truth like that"

Instantly made me like Judau after hating ZZ for years

I love this game
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  3. What bits of dialogue did you like?