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    Sazuke, if you're so right all the time, why doesn't anyone on here ever agree with you?
    Because he's super well-regarded everywhere else in the multiverse, this site is just stuck in a pocket dimension where the .0000001% of all of humanity that disagrees with Sazuke is funneled into when connecting to the internet, allowing him to engage with our feeble minds without having to search the far reaches of space.

    As much as I like the Kaisers (Zero I can take or leave, it's a bit too overkill for my tastes), I was really itching for a new take on the standard Mazinger Z (they weren't gonna reanimate Z3's Shin Z anytime soon), and considering Infinity still has untapped potential (Boss and maybe a squad attack for Ichinana), I'd love to see it stick around. Also, Koji shares his voice with Shikamaru, which is strangely amusing.

    I eagerly await that Lightning Sword Combo attack from Finale of movie.