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User Info: krazyfu

3 weeks ago#11
saltedham posted...
3 with english patch

Me too although I had to go back and beat it years later after I became accustomed to other SRW games.

User Info: CarmineFlame

3 weeks ago#12
SRW J with English patch.

I fell in love right then and there, though I'm still absolute garbage at the series as a whole.
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User Info: Raven236

3 weeks ago#13
Mx portable on PSP. No translation patch just played blind.
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User Info: Cashino0

3 weeks ago#14
Alpha 1 via emulator. Back when I had to copy-paste kana and kanji from wikipedia pages to translate bits.

User Info: BassGSnewtype

3 weeks ago#15
srw J and for me, it was all down hill from there
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User Info: TsunamiFox

3 weeks ago#16
SRW J back when the translation patch came out.
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User Info: prince2phore

3 weeks ago#17
SRW 4 on SNES emulation in 2000.

I was looking for games with Goldorak (Grendizer) and found this...

no patch at the time but I finished it and got so hooked I asked a friend coming back from Japan to get me Alpha and Alpha Gaiden for PS1.

voilĂ , that was the begining...

User Info: sayaningen

3 weeks ago#18
Alpha Gaiden PS1
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User Info: takerukain

3 weeks ago#19
Alpha in PS1
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