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User Info: Sundercles

3 weeks ago#1
Just curious how people found out about this series.
For me it was SRW F on Sega Saturn back in 1998. I saw it at a collectible convention and the cover just blew me away. I bought it and have been a fan since then.
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User Info: superobo4ever

3 weeks ago#2
srw complete box..
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User Info: KaelAltreul

3 weeks ago#3
Srw A on GBA around its release.

User Info: Yipkendu

3 weeks ago#4
Super Robot Wars OG1 for GBA. At the time I was addicted to anything with mechs, Armored Core, Zone of Enders, etc. I was hooked.

Then og2 and the first Non-OG was Alpha Gaiden since it had an English Patch.
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User Info: saltedham

3 weeks ago#5
3 with english patch

User Info: SazukeEX

3 weeks ago#6
Srw A on gba.
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User Info: Storm20191

3 weeks ago#7
SRW W for the Nintendo DS.
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User Info: Nidtendofreak

3 weeks ago#8
OG1 for GBA on an emulator.

First one I went through in any sort of capacity though was OG Gaiden through an LP on LP Archive.
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User Info: Baby_ragna

3 weeks ago#9
SRW F on PS1. I think it's around 1998 when I'm still in grade school
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User Info: mpchi

3 weeks ago#10
SRW EX on Super Famicom, though it is SRW4 that really got me into the series.
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