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  3. What music are people using for Custom BGM?

User Info: Animewarsdude

4 weeks ago#1
Pretty much just the title, what songs are people using? I've pulled stuff from past games and some arrangements others have made back during the Z3 days.

User Info: Yatol

4 weeks ago#2

User Info: KaelAltreul

4 weeks ago#3
Speaking of, did the anisong versions of the songs ever get onto net for download?

User Info: Seraphil

4 weeks ago#4
Gonna do the following:
replace Crossbone Gundam with SRW Alpha 2 version
replace HEATS with SRWOE version
add Sora wo Kakeru from SRW Alpha 3 for Zeta Gundam's Waverider Crash and Hyper Beam Saber
replace Kantaisen with this BGM mix of Z Gundam's 2nd OP
replace Main Title with Beyond the Time from SRWGC
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User Info: TsunamiFox

4 weeks ago#5
lol my stuff is all over the place.

I got some Flow tracks. I got all the Iron Blooded Orphans OPs. Some remixed Megaman and FE music. Some Symphogear. Some TM Revolution. The OPs from Space Dandy and Needless. Oh and of course the GOAT song.
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User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
4 weeks ago#6
Mostly OGs music, but there's some songs from UX and BX in there. Whenever the game does anime music override for stages I replace it with a stage BGM from outside the game (e.g. "Mechanism for Victory", "Tactics Map 2", "The Maimed Conductor"). I never found the OGG OST or else I'd have put Folka's upgrade theme and Alion's theme in there.
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User Info: Baby_ragna

4 weeks ago#7
Eonian for Angela

Real Folks Blue for Spike's final attack

Mizu no Hoshi Ai wo Komete for Zeta

Time I'm Seeing You for any unit Kincaide is piloting.

Hikari no Willpower for Saizo because his theme sucks. I thought it'll get better after an upgrade, but nope, it's getting worse.
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User Info: Torchman

4 weeks ago#8
Gave Eldora its theme from the show back

User Info: ValzacardX

4 weeks ago#9
Eh like usually just themes from older games that may have not may the cut.

Like making sure CCA characters always have Beyond the Time.

I don't ever do vocal tracks or music from other series or games.
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User Info: jesseCheech

4 weeks ago#10
For cowboy bebop it's tracks from the limited edition soundtrack I got off youtube.

I wanted UC gundam stuff to feel fresh so for them I'm using most of the first "Gundam Battle Assault" soundtrack.
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