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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
4 weeks ago#21
akairyuvn posted...
- Stage 11 Secret Scenario:
Gaogaigar kills 3 or more enemies.

- Stage 26 Secret Scenario
I didn't get it in my 1st lap but got it in my 2nd lap, maybe has something to do with Domon and Akito. Both of them are Ace in my 2nd lap.

The previous games had some secrets guaranteed to unlock on second play through... Makes it harder to pinpoint.
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User Info: starbolt13

4 weeks ago#22
At least we know there's something to look out for on stage 26. Safest bet is to get as many kills with Domon and Akito. And make sure they kill their respective series bosses and/or interact with as many notable characters from their shows.

The stage 11 secret is El Dora V and Black Mightgaine by the way. Which BAFFLES me.
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User Info: kazuma8888

4 weeks ago#23
starbolt13 posted...
Well now I'm just confused.

Got to another Gundam fight and had my units interfere multiple times. The effect I mentioned above did not happen, which is weirding me out. Are you SUPPOSED to interfere in the map 3 gundam fight? Could I ask someone to do so for me? And if you do it, interfere with Noble Gundam. My only guesses are that stage 3's gundam fight is a special case where you shouldn't interfere, or interfering triggers something unique there.

it will only give you money when you go to side plan..its like the tactbonus in X
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User Info: Sundercles

4 weeks ago#24
In case people don’t know of the glorious site Akurasu, here’s a link to their (work in progress) page for secrets:
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User Info: Newtype1993

4 weeks ago#25
From the twitter if arcadia moves to a certain spot... But doesn't say which scenario

In fact a reply below says

If you stop at this square in 22 episodes

The guy of a certain work comes out (laughs)
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User Info: cherrielux

4 weeks ago#26
Attacking Mashmyre with Fa on stage 21 triggers a dialogue, which MIGHT be connected to recruiting him. Guessing its bassed on a points system like the Buddy Complex enemy in X. Good luck on getting the attacker to survive that encounter though.

User Info: RockmanZeroEXE

4 weeks ago#27
Hey Hiiragawa, thanks for bringing the thread up. Life been busy so I didn't get a chance to bring this up (infact, I messed up and thought that the game was coming next week instead). That being said, I'm more surprised that everyone is putting up spoiler tags when it should be kinda given. Well anyways it also seems like Akurasu also updated it's list based on the secret list that was given out. Other then the usual surfing Japanese sites to see if there any more secrets, best you guys try out the what Akurasu.

Thou I've come to realise that they did not actually list how to get the points for example they say get Puru points, but how to get these puru points aren't shown unlike as shown here which I got from another thread that's popped up with a bunch of secrets. It's getting late here so it'd be nice if someone could update that either on here or on Akurasu, but I can do that tmr if need be. Good luck secret finders.
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User Info: Stereo91

4 weeks ago#28
I just finished a secret mission right after mission 34(rayearth story), are the guest units in that mission acquirable/recruitable?
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User Info: Jokke009

3 weeks ago#29
Stereo91 posted...
I just finished a secret mission right after mission 34(rayearth story), are the guest units in that mission acquirable/recruitable?

Been told the guest units are stage only.

User Info: SazukeEX

3 weeks ago#30
Ple is a secret yet Ple 2 isn't?
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