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User Info: lembu90

3 months ago#1

1. Vandread.
Recently featured in X-Omega but sadly never saw appearance in more proper SRW games.

2. Knights of Sidonia

3. Aldnoah.Zero
I know the show bombed but it had good mecha designs.

4. MuvLuv
If they can adapt Demon Bane why not this one? I know that Banpresto may never feature a hentai visual novel but to this day Demon Bane remains their only exception.

5. Kangoku Senkan
While the VN itself are extremely graphic even for hentai standards but it had interesting mecha designs.


1. Strike Witches/Kantai Collection
I put both in the same entry due to similarities of both shows.

2. Bodacious Space Pirates

3. Blue Drop
Never popular to begin with but it had good ship designs.

User Info: Dragen

3 months ago#2
I'd like to see the return of Iczer-1 along with the rest of the series. Five Star Stories would be rather interesting as well.
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User Info: Mulen

3 months ago#3
Weltall, Weltall 2, Weltall-Id, Xenogears

Could combine the final boss with one of various other animes/have another animes boss serve the same purpose .
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User Info: Nataexia00

3 months ago#4
Of course, the mandatory non-stop Future Mecha in next installments. This is number what now? 15 in this board?

When is the next Future Mecha topic coming?
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User Info: salvadorfranz

3 months ago#5
Valimar, Ordine, and the soldats in Trails of Cold Steel 4.
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User Info: Storm20191

3 months ago#6
Cross Ange.
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User Info: Sky3DS

3 months ago#7

Still no love for Ramrod. Been waiting for 2 decades now. C'mon Terada dammit.

User Info: RokkumanRaito

3 months ago#8
UFO Senshi Dai Apolon
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User Info: NoMoneyRanger

3 months ago#9
G1 Transformers based on seasons 1 and 2:
- Optimus Prime (S-size leader)
- Ironhide (Resupply unit) and Ratchet (Repair unit)
- Jazz (buff/debuffer like Basara)
- Skyfire/Jetfire (M-size Transformer whose sprites/animations can be recycled and edited from Macross units)
- Dinobots (tanky Autobots with a 5-unit combination attack; combo attack changes to a summon attack and costs more EN when Grimlock is deployed without the rest)
- Tracks (car mode can land or fly)
- Aerialbots/Superion (5-unit jet team that can Combine into one L-size bot)
- Omega Supreme (2L-size transformable Battleship)
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User Info: Torchman

3 months ago#10
Gonna go spicy/not anime

Drop the PS4, make a Switch exclusive title if you can get Nintendo IPs. Since Bebop shows you don't need mechs or battleships to be in, get Star Fox in there with possibly Xeno X (just avert that plot early on like how Eva just stopped 3.0 in V) and Daemon x Machina.
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