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User Info: Xanthus179

2 years ago#1
From the Department of Games I Never Expected to Hear From Again, it’s GODS!

Seriously, I played this on the Genesis as a kid and remember hating it, though I don’t recall if it was because of difficulty or the controls. Still, I did rent it at least a couple times back then, maybe $20 might be worth some unwanted nostalgia.

Anyone else with fond/not so fond memories of this title?
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User Info: GabrielleM

2 years ago#2
I went and got it, but this is waaaay before my time, I wasn't even born when this was out lol. I like all those old retro games though so I thought this looked cool. So far I'm not disappointed, but it is pretty tough and jumping feels strange, mostly becauseyour guy jumps in an arc...it's also just weird playing a game with no map or menus or anything but it's refreshing. Finished the first area with the boss (after a lot of tries) and am in the temple now.

So...what was the original version like, I mean for continuing? Did it have a password feature or something?
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User Info: ghostgate2001

7 months ago#3
I played Gods back on the Amiga (the game's original format, IIRC) and never really liked it. Stiff controls, bland environments, etc.

The Bitmap Brothers were rockstar devs at the time, mostly because they had a very distinctive graphical style that looked snazzy compared to most other games in those limited color-palette late-80s days, and the music in their games tended to be quite sample-heavy, sounding closer to "real" music than the MIDI-ish computer-music most games had.

Trouble is, neither of those presentation things will be impressing people very much these days, so their "style over substance" approach is laid bare when you play their games today. I suppose you have to bear in mind that the game was created for a system where joysticks only had 1 button, so it's going to be fairly simple stuff by modern standards.

Anyway, yes - Gods on the Amiga originally used passwords, and I think the console ports were the same. The game has 4 worlds and you were given a password when you reached a new world.
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