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1 year ago#1
I really love this game, and I cannot recommend it enough. I don't want to say too much, especially if you know nothing about it and are just going off a gut feeling.

Follow your gut -- you definitely won't miss that $20.

The game is very visually stunning and clever (I LOVE the fast-travel mechanic between checkpoints). I will never get over how cool the transition effect is when Ember and Rime jump over each other. We're playing it co-op right now, and we find ourselves playing leapfrog every few minutes.

We're not super far into it -- maybe 2 hours -- but it feels like this is going to be a solid 8-10 hour experience. So if the cost-to-length ratio is something you're worried about, it's pretty fair.

I haven't experienced any mind-blowing puzzles yet, but there are definitely a few "Oh damn, that's cool!" moments.

Sorry if this is a relatively vague review, but I really do recommend going into this not knowing a whole lot. The mechanic the game is based around is both lovely from a narrative perspective and brilliant from a gameplay perspective. The platforming isn't punishing like in Celeste or a secondary mechanic like in Wandersong. Probably most closely resembles Limbo or Inside.

Highly, highly recommended. I can't wait to play more and see how it unfolds!
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4 months ago#2
Maybe it’s a vague review, but you convinced me to buy it :-)
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  2. Degrees of Separation
  3. A gorgeous game with simple-yet-rewarding mechanics
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