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User Info: Suzardo

1 week ago#1
Do you use R units?

The only unit that hasn't been replaced yet is my Matthew, since I'm lacking good sword units, and he brings his own buff.
I used to use Jessica, but not much point if I have a 3* Hein already.
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User Info: Lixr

1 week ago#2
I’m running Origin of Light for fun/a challenge (yes, I know) so I don’t have all that many units to choose from. So far I’ve used Lewin quite a bit since I don’t have Kirikaze and needed a sword unit - he’s pretty decent. Definitely noticing a drop off in his damage now at around level 37 but he’s actually pretty durable with his passive.

I’ve also used Jessica quite a bit but she’s been delegated a sort of support role since I pulled Liffany. Still, always useful with Teleport and Mass Heal.

I’d really like to build up Pierre eventually as a i always hear how insane he is in water battles. Resources are already kinda scarce though so he’ll have to wait. ;(

User Info: Is_Corrupted

1 week ago#3
I use Anna mostly. I wanted to use Leticia but ended up running princess faction so she got replaced by Sonya.
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User Info: genzi

1 week ago#4
Sometimes when they have useful skills or are generally useful.
Grenier is my teams tank but i also use Anna and Jessica for different situations.
I have also taken a liking to (but not fully built) Laird, Leticia, and Almeda (hope she gets better buffs in the future).

User Info: Delishuz

1 week ago#5
I Grenier as a buffer for Cherie, he is totally useless most of the time. Probably gonna stop putting resource in to him.
Leticia is slated for my Imperial group. And Almeda seems to be just really useful all around because of her ability to offheal the lowest ally in the party anywhere on the map and will eventually become SSR 6* when they give out more shards. Which, could honestly be an eternity.

User Info: -deus-

1 week ago#7
Anna if I try Empire later on, the Shounen Guy you apparently need for high lvl dragons and maybe Leticia later down the line in PvP, since Sonya is my only other SR+ Cav.

Almeda seems pretty good, but I usually just bring Liana .. will still lvl her + atthew/Grenier slowly over time because I a pretty sure the game will force us to use them in Events quite often.
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(edited 1 week ago)
Since I lack Liana, Almeda is a staple in my team.

I also really like Lewin, so I use him very frequently
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User Info: Jinkuro

1 week ago#9
Primarily Anna. Was going to try Rohga but then i found the Empire's Honor is getting Olivier (SR assassin and he uses guns according to his picture which is radical). Invested in Lester too just so i have an aquatic unit. Once i get Altemuller ill probably stop working on Lester. Empire's Honor or nothing yo. Hoping they get an aquatic unit at some point. Maybe a SR healer with dispel and regenerate.
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User Info: iGouger

1 week ago#10
Rohga and Leticia are my two most powerful units.
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