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User Info: EvolvingAnthrax

10 years ago#1
Im going to be starting my perfect save of alundra 2 soon, please give some ideas.

1:All best items
2:Max gold
3:9 of all items possible
4:Max life
5:All items
6: Only 100 for points building in dart game.
7: No miss's with dart game.
8:Max EP

Any ideas guy?

User Info: Borostiliont

10 years ago#2
Good luck.
PSN: Borostiliont EU MGO: (Name is a b7) Clan: Dream Cats

User Info: cno88

10 years ago#3
I'd be more impressed if you purposely didn't get max Hp or Ep, and if you upped the ante (in terms of the dart game) to never getting anything lower than a 30. The game is difficult, granted, but it's not difficult to always gets 10-20 and it's not difficult to max out. It's more difficult to beat on the hardest mode while intentionally not haxing yourself out than it is to acquire all the items.
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