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User Info: The__Curse

10 years ago#1
from stupid people that want this game to be something its not... which is zelda, once again

this game is incredibly amazing cant believe the whiners

User Info: cno88

10 years ago#2
Yeah. Most people don't get it because they were looking for a carbon copy of the first Alundra.

This guy gets it though.


The game was unique and took risks. The only thing one could possibly fault it for is the graphics, and in all honesty it's a ps1 game so I don't know what people were expecting. It incorporates different types of gameplay (even has side-scrolling parts at times), is genuinely funny, has an interesting premise, and is refreshingly difficult (especially on 'normal' which is actually hard-mode I believe, as I remember reading somewhere the the 'easy' mode is 'normal' on the Japanese release). I mean, some of the puzzles in the dungeons, especially the time-based ones, are just plain hard. I remember a few timed switches in the metal whale, for instance, that were ridiculous. There's also the whole extra story w/i a story of trying to find all the puzzle pieces, which directly incorporates the various mini-games.

**** the haters.
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