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User Info: M1ZZY

1 year ago#1
At last, I decided to purchase this game. Not a fan of digital but what can I do with a game like this. It went well for me. I love this game. Definitely looking forward to Borderlands 3. It is now 08/21/2019. 09/13/2019 is Borderlands 3 release date I believe, around there anyway. Never played the pre sequel or whatever, don't like that space high jump crap anyway. The first one was a classic. Kind of my favorite one still. Having Borderlands 2 on VR ups the thrill a bit so it's likeable more. I love playing Borderlands 2 VR with the dual shock 4 controller. Don't have the sticks anyway. I'm more of a VR+Dual Shock player.
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User Info: huyi

1 year ago#3
I can't wait to try free aim in VR should be fun. 😁
Loot Boxes, more Loot Boxes, Microtransactions, Battle Royale, that will be 300 mill per second please...
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