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  3. Why can't I resupply cripps?

User Info: Mr_Party_Pants

1 year ago#1
I just started playing and am a noob. But the option to buy or start a resupply mission are not working.
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User Info: Mr_Party_Pants

1 year ago#3
I used the gold rockstar gave me for free. What else can I say?

User Info: Natural510

1 year ago#4
The game will prompt you to resupply him when he runs out. You can’t supply him when the business is operational.
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User Info: Mr_Party_Pants

1 year ago#5
When I first bought his business, it filled up. I did 2 sell missions and now its empty and says halted. None of the options are highlighted so it seems useless right now. Don't know what I'm doing wrong

User Info: Thermador446

1 year ago#6
is the top bar red?
That would mean that he is out of animal resources if it is
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User Info: Kung_Fu_Fighter

1 year ago#7
You need to donate pelts and carcasses (1st option) until he runs out of supplies and then you can start a resupply mission (2nd option). Once goods are ready to sell, that is the 3rd option.
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User Info: Mr_Party_Pants

1 year ago#8
It is red. I have donated some pelts and feathers already but its filling up very slowly. I'm assuming the bigger the animal the faster?

And I'm also guessing when it reaches the barrel line a resupply mission is available?

EDIT: nevermind I think I figured it out. Sorry for all the hassle lol

User Info: KenZoe

1 year ago#9
Tip for leveling the Trader:

You get exactly the same amount of experience for a full wagon load and doing the sales whenever possible.
So since your main goal at first is to level the Trader role (i.e. to get the goods multiplier for deer carcasses and other trait benefits) do your sales as often as you can - it's not about the RD:$ it's about leveling.

Also carcasses always have more goods than skins. Perfect of course more.
Also don't be afraid to turn in legendary carcasses. They are worth many times that of a regular (even multiplied) carcass.
If you set up near Blackwater you have three random encounter legendary animals around, the boar, the cougar (best) and the coyote, so you'll regulary run into one of these that you can turn in. I think the cougar is worth almost 26 units (a regular perfect pelt cougar is worth 6-8).
I currently have four legendary cougars stored in my Trading Wagon for when (if!!) I ever run out of stock again.
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User Info: Kwicko2015

1 year ago#10
If you have the Naturalist role, Legendary animals are *great* for supplying Cripps with materials. A Legendary Payta Bison, for instance, will give Cripps something like 58.75 units of material to work with (100 units fills the bar). I pretty much kill every legendary I see, and toss 'em in my hunting wagon, so I nearly always have a good stash of materials to keep Crippsey churning and burning.

I wonder, though - do you *need* the Naturalist role to do legendaries, or just for the ones that Harriett gives you the missions for? Do legendary animals spawn organically for you if you're not a Naturalist? I bought the role the day it was introduced, so I've never not had it since the legendary animals were introduced.
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