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  3. Will you pay hard cash for gold bars?

User Info: CSCA33

1 month ago#1
Would you pay for gold bars? - Results (303 votes)
10.23% (31 votes)
15.84% (48 votes)
73.93% (224 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Yes you would, maybe depending on pricing or some other factor, or a flat no?

As it stands, I wouldn’t.

User Info: Gnomeknight2

1 month ago#2
I probably wouldn't but I wouldn't be surprised if my wife did for my birthday or something since I've been playing it so much

User Info: IAmMagicMan

1 month ago#3
Depends on how much it is. Definitely not paying a dollar per bar, which is most likely how much it will cost if not more.
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User Info: Trippy_Hippie

1 month ago#4
Nah, I'll just grind for what I want. Not looking forward to getting those recipes though.

User Info: meteora88

1 month ago#5
No. This is my first foray into playing online so I’m still testing the waters.

I’m the type of gamer who can have a lot of fun with the single player mode so if it gets out of hand, I’ll just revert back to that no problem.

User Info: digUbetterdead

1 month ago#6
That'll be a hard no.
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User Info: peterswe86

1 month ago#7
Sometimes I can't help myself. I've spent so much on WoW and Hearthstone it's ridiculous
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User Info: Game_Fan09

1 month ago#8
Maybe. Depends on the price although if anyone gets me an xbl gift card for Xmas ill probably spend it on gold.
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User Info: TheMickey

1 month ago#9
A lot of people I think will just say no as they hate the idea but time shows many many will, and some will buy A LOT.

I said maybe, I wouldn’t need it to get early unlocks but you never know how you’ll feel one day when looking at your mausers and thinking... I think I might be 10% less depressed today if these were shiny gold colored...
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User Info: Ih8uguys

1 month ago#10
Nope, but I can see why others would. Time is more valuable than money.
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