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TrainerNeo_02 9 months ago#1
We should have more fruits by now, or at LEAST perfect fruit.
Different types of trees.
A kicks store.
Sky bridges: Bridges that could connect cliffs.
A separate, smaller island. Similar to the island in Nl, except this island is only a smaller version of yours. No island games. Maybe about half or 1/4 the size of your island.
New K.K. Slider songs that are the time themes from acne or possibly other games. For example: 2012's 5 PM could be the 5 PM theme from acnl
An easier way to get villager photos: Friends day. The first 12 days before the event, villagers will tell the player info about themself mixed with normal conversations, and on the actual day, if the player remembers what the villager has told them, they can get their photo as a reward.

What's something you've always thought should be in the game by now, or you just want in the game?
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JixHedgehog 9 months ago#3
Pocket and storage icons for the clothing at Ables so you know if you already own a piece of clothing you're about to purchase.

Roofing. I see so many outdoor cafes and arcades that realistically wouldnt hold up when it rains.

Perfect fruit should make a return along with fertilizer and fortune cookies

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myochan 9 months ago#4
At Able's, you should have a shopping cart you can fill with all the clothes you want, switching them around freely to see how it all looks. Also, each item should have space for a checkmark if you've ever owned it, bag symbol if it's in your inventory or you're wearing it, or a box if it's in your storage.

Simple panels should be customizable with separate designs on the top and bottom half.

Multi-color hair and eyes would be cool.
DiduXD 9 months ago#5
-Crossover villagers

-Unbreakable tools
cosplaywrite 9 months ago#6
Shopping cart in Nook's and Able's. And possibly Kicks.

Nook shopping app tells you if you have any in storage if you're looking at an item. (Like the DIY app does.)

Unbreakable tools.

The same design builder grid outside as we have inside our homes.

New roof/siding/mailbox options for customizing our homes.

More design slots.

Either more inclines and bridges (increasing the limit from 8 of each) or just making it a flat 16 limit but we could have any configuration/combination of bridges v. inclines.
myochan 9 months ago#7
Yes! Unbreakable tools would be awesome! Diamond tools that sparkle!
TrainerNeo_02 9 months ago#8
Maybe Some kind of mine too? There could be an announcement saying there was a huge mine that resets its design every day.

It won’t make sense, but hey. There’s talking animals and in new leaf a cat came and did physical identify theft.
All jokes aside I think a mine entrance could be an elevator. You would wear a light helmet and the deeper you go, the rarer the ores get. But let’s say going down there is tiring, so you’ll need to eat fruit. Some kind of energy giving fruit. You could pay for this fruit to stay down there longer to get more materials and that would serve as the payment to go down there. Because let’s be honest, making sense or not, Nintendo’s not gonna let you go down there and get materials without some kind of fee.
This fruit can’t be grown and only bought directly from Tom nook. Eating it outside of the mine will just fill your fruit meter-bar thingy to 10.
In the mine, you could get tons of rare things.
The rarity would go from bottom to top:

Theres also the matter of if you can actually move in or, or it’s something like you send your player in, and depending on how much fruit you bought, you get a random number of ores and materials.

Personally I want the first one. It would be in levels. You would go though one cave, and at the end of it would be a hole. You would descend at the cost of one of the fruits, or your character would say something like they’d get stuck down there from exhaustion.
Or you can send someone in. You can send in some kind of mining worker to work for you, but it will require not only the fruit, but bells too. And they can only go as deep as you’ve gone.

A last note, in the caves, the deeper you go, the more rooted it gets. It becomes more and more of a maze, so you can’t just easily glide down 100 levels.

Lmao I know this is a bit much, but that diamond idea just made me come up with this one.

PurpPerp 9 months ago#9
I really would like to see a lot of things from Pocket Camp brought over here. The past secondary fruits we had like lemons, lychee, mangoes and even grapes would be a nice touch for certain aesthetics.

I liked a lot of the furniture and fortune cookie stuff, and how the animals used or played with them. I know they were microtransaction lootbox gimmicks, but the quality was better than a lot of stuff we're getting now.

I was disappointed that a few of the hybrid flower colors didn't make it over here too.
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Dunedainsith 9 months ago#10
Opal - my favorite gem
More crossovers - I can see a special Chocobo villager
More crossover items - Like how we had fortune cookies in NL that gave us Nintendo items. How cool would it be to get items from other Nintendo games and even from other companies like SquareEnix?
Unbreakable tools
One customizable villager per Switch
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  3. Post your personal list of things you wish were a thing.
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