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User Info: Jaxy73

1 month ago#1
Hi! I'm decorating my island and I am OBSESSED with all the water critters that don't need tanks! Does anyone know what all of them are? So far I only know of kelp, horseshoe crabs, and snapping turtles! I'm looking to get as many of them as I can!
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User Info: h9000

1 month ago#2
I'm pretty sure those are the only ones unless you count the isopod in its tub. Sorry!

User Info: 5963

1 month ago#3
Spider crab also has no tank. But I think those are the only 4.
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User Info: Meta289

1 month ago#4
Seaweed, Snapping Turtle, Horseshoe Crab, and Spider Crab have no tanks at all.

Mitten Crab, Nibble Fish, Soft-shelled Turtle, Ocean Sunfish, Giant Isopod, Snow Crab, Spiny Lobster, and Turban Shell have tubs.

Other unique "tanks" are Great White Shark, Oarfish, Arapaima, and Whale Shark (pools), and Goldfish, Pop-eyed Goldfish, and Ranchu Goldfish (ceramic bowls). - Tea time, f***ers.
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