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  3. Personal opinion time: tools breaking makes the game 10x less fun

User Info: Scrappy-Doo

3 weeks ago#31
Hitman_Huffman posted...
Yeah it’s annoying but it is part of the game so whatever.

The series was just fine without it for nearly 20 years.

What they should do is bring back the ordinances from New Leaf and have one of them make the tools indestructible. That way the people that enjoy breakable tools for whatever reason can still have that while others can play like the previous titles. Everyone is happy that way.
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User Info: B4ND

3 weeks ago#32
It would have been fine if golden tools didn't break and/or there was a meter to show how close you are to breaking your tool. The bare minimum they could have done what they did for the axe in the previous and show the tool getting more worn out with uses

User Info: Limit_2

3 weeks ago#33
monkyby87 posted...
A large number of people love the game and have no problem with the breakable tools/weapons.
"Having no problem with something" is not the same as liking something. If your spouse tells you to pick up some eggs on the way home, it isn't a "problem" -- certainly not one you'd vocalize, anyway -- but it's still an inconvenience, and probably something you'd rather not do unless you already had a reason to go shopping in the first place.

Considering that, please post some polls to suggest that the number of people who love the mechanic outnumber the people who dislike it ten to one. And again: "people who don't care, or are indifferent" don't count as people who enjoy it. I need to see some polls where the strictly "like" or better votes outnumber the dislike votes ten to one. If you can't do this, then stop posting with your ass unless you're using it for the account closure form.
If you disagree with the above post, it isn't for you.
Luckily it's free so you can't complain about it either.
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  3. Personal opinion time: tools breaking makes the game 10x less fun
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