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User Info: lon3wanderer

4 weeks ago#1
is there a list somewhere that tells the set schedules for each personality type? like when does the jock wake up when will a lazy go to bed?

also do they have a set time when they will leave their house? like say a cute will always be home at 3pm no matter the day or is that random

User Info: DBean

4 weeks ago#2
It's thrown off sometimes since there are days where a villager will either wake up early or stay up late. I've seen Sherb and Canberra up at 6am and Olivia still walking around after 3am. Anyway, I think these are the wake up times. I'm not sure on the normal since I rarely play the game at 5am.

Normal - 6:00
Jock - 6:30
Peppy & Smug - 7:00
Lazy - 8:00
Snooty - 8:30
Cranky - 9:00
Sisterly - 9:30

And it's random when they go inside because some will be at the museum, Nook's shop, sitting outside the Residential Center, and so on. If you find them in a shop, the museum, or visiting another animal's house, they'll be back in their own place soon thereafter.

User Info: lon3wanderer

4 weeks ago#3
hmm interesting, will a moving thought bubble only take place when they are outside or can they have one inside and if you talk to them inside will it negate the bubble outside and reset?

User Info: Dunedainsith

4 weeks ago#4
Thought bubbles are only outside. At least ive never come across thought bubbles inside.
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