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User Info: Joflyer

4 weeks ago#1
Do bugs spawn depending on the number/type of trees, or do they spawn independently of the trees and then pick one after they spawn?

I.E. Does having more Palm trees make it more likely a palm tree bug will spawn, or will the chances still be the same?
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User Info: danmiy12

4 weeks ago#2
chance is based on type of bug and if you have the correct area for them to spawn, the game will just spawn in bugs until it hits the cap using the chance based on each one. You can see this when you hit the mystery island, each one only has limited spawns and it's same for your home island, but the limit is higher.

If it starts to rain it zeroes the chance of some of them while its rolling the chances and the bugs dont despawn if you put the switch into sleep mode and not close the game and come back hours later when the bug shoulda despawned but the new ones that pop in will use the new hour and if it is raining to determine the spawns.

Closing the game or leaving the area causes the game to reroll everything again using the new time and if rain is happening.
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User Info: jmtl

2 weeks ago#3
I wonder if it's better to have fewer trees to increase the odds that the trees I do have have a bug on them, or more trees so that I'll see more as I walk around.

So if I have 20 trees instead of 200, and the cap for the island is 25, does that mean it's more likely that all my trees will spawn some bug on it, or will it be just as likely that I'll just have 25 butterflies flying around (assuming weather)?
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