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  3. Can someone with the same island setup as me lend me a map for inspiration?

User Info: TrainerNeo_02

4 weeks ago#1
Or just give me some ideas? Recently I've just stopped having inspiration and I know it's because my island is set up to where there's a ton of free space, and I need tons of ideas. But recently I've stopped that and need some new ideas for a new town layout. And when I say island setup, I mean the same airport and river outlet locations. Redd's beach and the pier don't NEED to be the same, but if they are then it's likely we have the same island and it would help me greatly.
Plus, Able sisters have just been there because I can't find a spot for them. So any help? I don't NEED redd's beach or the pier to be the same, but the airport and outlets do.
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User Info: Karovorak

4 weeks ago#2
Well, my island has more or less the same structure, but I didn't terramorph it that much. I wanted to try a mix of natural and developed, just see for yourself:

Basicly, I have more or less 9 sectors.

Top Left (A1 to B3): Alfonsos Mansion. Full fenced, gold roses, money trees, and so on. Everything that looks expensive and fitting to alfonso, even if I need some more stuff for it.

Left Center (C1 to D2): A small plaza, with 2 homes, a pic nic spot and able sisters. Should look like a more expensive district.

Bottom Left (D1 to F2): "Wilderness". Stone Arch, Stonehenge, many trees and flowers, without any system at all. It's the forest, with some stones around, creating some kind of ancient ruins.

Top Center (B4 to C5): My castle, just a Zen Wall around my big garden. Pretty boring for now, because I lack ideas and furniture to fill it.

Left River Center (C3 to D4): Small neighourhood, every house with a garden, close together + Nook shop

Bottom Center (E3 to F4):
Camping spot. With outdoor tables, soup kettles, camp fire, etc. Everything that fits the outdoor theme is their.

Top Right (A5 to C7): The Level 3 cliff is a simple cliff with a lighthouse. On level 1 below, there is a pretty big bath, with 2 entrances seperated by gender + changing rooms

Center Right (C5 to E6): Main Square and some houses with bigger gardens.

Bottom Right (E6 to F7): Playground and "party beach" Beach ball? Beach stool? Beach Towel? Everything remotely beach, fun or playground releated goes into that corner.
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  2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  3. Can someone with the same island setup as me lend me a map for inspiration?
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