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User Info: cosplaywrite

2 weeks ago#11
I doubt the island is coming back. The rattan furniture in this game seems to be the same as the cabana set that was exclusive to the island in NL. And the mermaid set that was exclusive to that island is now turned into DIYs that Pascal is going to give us. And it looks likely that the pirate stuff is gonna come from the Gulliver reskin.

It would be nice to have somewhere to go for mini-games and fun things like that to spice up the game some but I doubt it.

User Info: Takagi

2 weeks ago#12
X_Ayumi_X posted...
Normal people take my gifts and usually give me clothes as a trade.
And talk about how sweet their sweaters might be because they just ate some pie or something and it might've gotten on the sweater by accident.
Oh and talks about reading books they like while in bed.

Those aren't people.

User Info: BloodMoon7

2 weeks ago#13
Takagi posted...
Those aren't people.
She's real to me!! I mean what? No, Bree is just a friend.

You heard NOTHING.
Bree may not be top tier on the lists.
But she's number one in my heart.

User Info: Zedev

2 weeks ago#14
Tortimer passed away.
I do hope for minigame implementation tho. Scavenger hunts, fruit maze, squeeky mallet teaming up on an out of control acorn lawnmower thing was reason for multiplayer.

Of course they need to re-invision for up to 8 players now (scaling?) But yeah

User Info: hyperdimeduck

2 weeks ago#15
there's a second summer update you know
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User Info: Zedev

2 weeks ago#16
My prediction for the summer update:
Hanabi (firework nights)
firework items


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