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  3. What's your personal AC:NH goal?

User Info: Tha_Man_DS

1 week ago#21
Some nice goals guys!
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User Info: ChaosAzeroth

1 week ago#22
At this point dreamies.

I have two so far. I have a couple I'm keeping even though they're not quite dreamie/borderline but I like them enough.

Eventually to get what I'd like I'll end up having to replace like half my people. Blue rose is the only hybrid I'm missing RN due to a generous player from this very board!

Depending on how vegetables go affects my active goals. Like I'd like a gold watering can, but apparently I'm stupid because even trying to follow advice from here that's not cram deco isn't working. So I imagine I'm doing it wrong.

Like I'd like a full museum, but lost a lot of motivation to actually do much towards that right now.

Eventually when I've played a year I'll probably honestly end up a TT hobo. Screw around, fill in museum gaps, all that.

User Info: silentgrace7

1 week ago#23
Honestly? Just enjoy myself every day.

This can result in some micro level goals. Like “oh, today I want to set up the means to get purple pansies,” or “this time I want to create a gym on my island,” but at the end of the day I won’t do anything I don’t want to do.

User Info: Murasaki

1 week ago#24
Just playing. Hope the museum gets done by next March. And I get a blue rose and purple pansy.

The villager mix is about perfect but I have 2 Smug that's repeating the same dialogue. Marshal and Raymond - one should to go but I like how both of them look so idk. Meh, not a big deal.


User Info: cosplaywrite

1 week ago#25
Complete the musuem. (Something I didn't achieve in NL. Finished the bug, fish, and deep sea areas but not the art.) I have 3 alts I'm building up the houses for (need to get them all fully upgraded for reasons) so that's my other goal is to get all 7 rooms on all 3 remaining houses. (1 room to go on one. Two on another and 5 on the last but I started that one way after the other two.)

User Info: ChaosAzeroth

1 week ago#26
Murasaki posted...
And I get a blue rose and purple pansy.

For some reason matter how much it rains and with me watering it when it doesn't my purple pansy refuses to multiply. 😹

User Info: darealest47

1 week ago#27
To obtain tbe legendary secret 6 star rating
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User Info: SlayerKiller

1 week ago#28
My current goal is getting everything organized. I just got all of my terraforming options opened up, so I laid out my "town" plan and am currently moving houses so everything is in place.

I also set up a decent island for the museum where I display some of my catches out front.

My house has its own area set up outside of town.

Once everything is in place I can start terraforming the surrounding area. Planting trees, making flower fields, all of that jazz.

User Info: h9000

1 week ago#29
All achievements, all recipes.

My earlier goal of 5* island achieved with as much minimalism as possible has been achieved (thru a ton of horrible QA running back and forth to check with Isabelle who I now hate with a passion).

User Info: f1madman

1 week ago#30
To be, the very best, like no one ever was!
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