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  3. Any reason why I always get the lowest turnip prices?

User Info: hulkhogan1

2 weeks ago#1
Seems like every day I check turnip prices, they’re almost always much lower than what I paid; usually I’ll buy them at around 95 bells a piece and most days the sell prices I’m offered are as low as 60-70 bells. Meanwhile I’ve found people who’s prices are in the 400-500 range, forcing me to sell on other people’s islands the last several weeks. I think the highest sell price I’ve seen on my island was like 120, and even then I only saw it once and it’s not that much better than what I paid for them. Are my turnip prices bugged or is this normal and I’m simply finding people who are getting very lucky with their prices? Like I’m no expert on how the stalk market works in this game but it seems like I should at least be getting one really high sell price each week?
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User Info: Sephini

2 weeks ago#2
Each week has a different range the prices can be in.

You could have a high curve, which might lead to those high prices, or a small curve , which would get you a profit but only 100% max I think.
But it's also possible to have a fluctuating curve, where the prices will drop and rise only moderately, which is really common to get.
Worst case is a decreasing pattern meaning no profit for you.

Sounds like you haven't been lucky enough to get a high curve.

User Info: Inferno00

2 weeks ago#3
You can use turnip calculators to help you know when to sell, such as this one.
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User Info: Fierce_Deity_08

2 weeks ago#4
Three towns I can go to for turnip selling and they have all been horrible for a couple months. Because of that turnip tracking website we have always made a profit, but not by much. Can’t go online to sell because of our internet connection and no better options in this area.
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User Info: FrozzenX

2 weeks ago#5
The only answer is, the gods of random hate you. Repent for your sins heathen.

User Info: Azn Psycho

Azn Psycho
2 weeks ago#6
And you are checking twice a day, right? Once before 12 and once after?
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User Info: drew9966

2 weeks ago#7
I usually get terrible prices. The highest I've seen is 156 and the lowest is 32. I've never sold any of my turnips at my island.
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  3. Any reason why I always get the lowest turnip prices?
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