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User Info: Slakr

1 week ago#41
Kyle1022 posted...
I know with 100% certainty that I've gotten Sahara several weeks in a row.
From the sticky about visitors:
You're guaranteed to have the following visitors each week: Saharah, Kicks (if you have Ables), and Leif (if it's not Earth Day).
The discussion about getting the same visitors in successive weeks is limited to Gulliver, CJ, Flick, Redd, and Label, as these are the ones randomly picked by the game to show up on the other two days.
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User Info: oracleofire

1 week ago#42
I'm not sure why they haven't gone for the simplest solution to the problem, which would be extending priority to the visitor that was not picked for two weeks.

User Info: Kyle1022

1 week ago#43
Why don't they just put Leif in Nook's Cranny, Kicks and/or Label in the Able Sisters, and make Daisy Mae or K.K. not count as visitors for the day they come? Not like Daisy Mae sticks around after noon, or K.K. is of any use before 6pm anyway.

There, then every visitor is guaranteed. I don't get why this is so hard for them. Did they not want us to get Flick or CJ too often to stop people from getting bells too fast? Well they can kiss my ass because I duped my way to the bank cap, and still have the glitched tables in my basement to keep duping.
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