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  3. How can I find a mole cricket without the audio?

User Info: dragonfoxmem

6 days ago#1
due to my deafness, how can I find a mole cricket? no way I can hear this sound....
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User Info: Yakra88

6 days ago#2
Have someone do it for you or dig around randomly.
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User Info: M1dnightSun

6 days ago#3
There's no great way without someone helping you. The odds are higher on Mystery Islands. I was trying to make tarantulas spawn but kept getting mole crickets. I highly suggest asking someone "hey, can you hear chirping? Can you move my character around a bit until you feel like it's the loudest? " Or have a visitor help you.

User Info: BloodMoon7

6 days ago#4
Can mole crickets spawn under obstructions? Perhaps you could temporarily place things on the ground if so, to force it to spawn in a smaller radius? Less earth to dig up.
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User Info: AlfredoJones

6 days ago#5
Unfortunately there really isn't a great way to find them without digging up the entire island. I would recommend going to a mystery island and just start digging anywhere that isn't beach and has a weed or flower on it. You should find one sooner or later, and since it's a mystery island you won't have to worry about filling the holes back in save for getting back to Wilbur.
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User Info: mefwa

6 days ago#6
I dig the entire island so they can’t spawn it’s a tedious process but it’s worth it

User Info: Murasaki

6 days ago#7
I play without sound so didn't even know about mole crickets. Found one just digging around a bamboo island making tarantula trap circles (which don't work for s***). Night time critters, I think.


User Info: mefwa

6 days ago#8
Mole crickets are 24/7 all month creatures and it SUCKS

User Info: oryzae

6 days ago#9
Your best bet is to find someone to go around your island with you and tell you when they hear the sound. They could also dig it out for you while you stand ready with a net (it's honestly a lot easier to catch with two people).

User Info: Emeline

6 days ago#10
Unfortunately, the game has not provided an accessible option for this 😕 My suggestion would also be to try an island like bamboo island. Just make sure to fill in holes that don't reveal anything because if one does come out it can fall into a hole. I had that happen to me. Have your net as the next accessible tool. I would bet you could come up with one on bamboo easier just because there are no water bugs to worry about.
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  3. How can I find a mole cricket without the audio?
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