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User Info: wingblade98

2 months ago#41
God has entered the chat

User Info: SBAllen

2 months ago#42
Added in two more advanced filters, Catchable Now and Location, both related to Fish and Bugs. You can filter Catchable Now with "Y" or "N" to toggle which fish you can currently catch based on your location and time zone. Location can filter where you catch them, like "Sea".
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User Info: kelparoo

2 months ago#43
SBAllen posted...

Can look into it, but wouldn't want to do it by default, the main thing we wanted was being able to add things with a single click.
Good compromise might be to code an option to allow the user to decide if they want the collapsed view be default or not, assuming it's not too complicated to code. Then those who prefer the collapsed view for stuff like that could have it without having to completely remove the main intention.
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User Info: AgentCH

2 months ago#44
What does the "catches to unlock" thing mean in the information for certain bugs and fish?
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User Info: the_NGW

2 months ago#45
Right on
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User Info: keysmash

2 months ago#46
when I filter for source:saharah Or Gulliver I get 0 results. No other filter (all categories and show all)

Able and craft seems to work fine, but nook caused all entries to disappear too.

I think this is a conflict with the 50 showing, as it says 50 hidden by filter. I haven’t tried clicking through the show more button (well I tried 3 times with saharah but gave up)

would be nice if it jumped to non-filtered items.

technically I was just filtering by sa and gull.
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User Info: Georgemate101

2 months ago#47
I like the catalog feature on site because it's less hassle but the photos with each frame colour takes a lot of swiping
Also how do you catalog tools, I recently got a bunch of cool ones I love, they're colourful: blue, pink and yellow
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User Info: samurai bandit

samurai bandit
2 months ago#48
+1 to being able to collapse variations/customizations.

It would be nice to also add some numbering on filter results or show the progress of your catalog by category. For example: If I filter by recipes that I dont have then there is an easy way to know I'm missing 30 recipes (simple numbering on the results) or show that I have 30/100 recipes.
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User Info: Breaker

2 months ago#49
Is there a way to have your personal link show up in your profile?
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User Info: Scontig

2 months ago#50
This is great. I started to catalogue my items and didn't realise how many I'd already got! Might take a while...
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