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  3. Who's your favorite and least favorite special character?

User Info: LumaRosalina

1 week ago#1
Favorite: K.K. Slider
Honorable mentions: Harriet, Labelle, Pave, Tom Nook, the Nooklings, Isabelle, Blathers, Wilbur
Least favorite: Don Resetti

I love every character in the game though. How about you?
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User Info: Viper_Kadachi

1 week ago#2
Fav: Nooklings
Least Fav: Dunno really
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User Info: Exeledusp

1 week ago#3
Favorite: Pave

Least favorite: Harvey

User Info: SmashingBros

1 week ago#4
Favorite: Blathers (Phyllis in very close second)
Honorable: K.K. Slider, Brewster, C.J., Flick, Isabelle, Katrina, Copper, Rover, Dr. Shrunk, Leif, the Alpacas, and the Dodos
Least Favorite: Serena or Zipper T. Bunny

Honestly, I could have gone on with the honorables lmao, I had to cut myself off.
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User Info: Llama_mama

1 week ago#5
Fav: Nook
Honorable mention: K.K. slider, Sabel, Isabelle, Kapp'n, Brewster and I haven't met him yet but Flick looks cool
Least fav: Lottie
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User Info: Cheshire____Cat

1 week ago#6
Favorite is Katrina
I like Isabelle, Lottie, Kicks, and Pave too though.

Least favorite is probably the Nooklings. No, not the nooklings. Just Timmy. I like Tommy. Timmy is the worst though.
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User Info: dylchap27

1 week ago#7
Favorite: Blathers
Least Favorite: Phylis

User Info: BloodPuppetX

1 week ago#8
Favorite: KK - This is my first AC and I haven't even met him in game yet. But I've come to appreciate this character after watching YouTube videos. I like Blathers, too, mostly due to how much he despises bugs.

Least favorite: Harvey, simply because I don't care about what he brings to the game.
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User Info: pchyluvs

1 week ago#9
Favourite; Reese
Honorable Mentions; Celeste, Isabelle, Harriet, Kicks, Daisy Mae & Lottie
Least Favourite is probably,,the little girl on Tortimer's island,, idk what her name is but I never liked her
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User Info: Limit_2

1 week ago#10
Favorite is Kicks
Least favorite is... maybe Chip or Cyrus? Not by much, I had to think pretty hard to remember someone I didn't really like. Even they're mostly okay.
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  3. Who's your favorite and least favorite special character?
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