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User Info: PsychoWolfX

1 week ago#1
What are some species you'd like to see in the game that sadly aren't there? Personally I'd love to see...


Maybe there are some foxes, but I've never met any if there are. It's hard to imagine foxes NOT getting in.

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User Info: shadow123367

1 week ago#2
Basically any reptile villagers that aren't alligators.
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User Info: sonofkorol

1 week ago#3
No red pandas. Like the f*** is wrong with them? Are they in denial how popular Aggretsuko is?
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User Info: Phantom898

1 week ago#4
Chief the wolf is orange so he looks like a fox

User Info: dylchap27

1 week ago#5
Armadillos and/or pangolins

Also, it's a shame some great species like hedgehogs and otters are reserved for special NPCs so we'll never see them as regular villagers

User Info: SuperMario8342

1 week ago#6
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User Info: SmashingBros

1 week ago#7
Bats are the main one, they'd be adorable. Plus a villager species that's up all night would be wonderful for us night owls! It gets lonely when Shari and I are the only ones still up lmao.

I would also adore Tarantula villagers. I know how it sounds, but give them big eyes and make them hamster-sized (if not smaller) and I think we'd really have something. Picture Lucas the Spider, or something like these concept ones:

Lionesses are also long overdue. Mikokiri was just talking about it, we finally got male kangaroos in NL leaving Lions as the only gender-locked species. It seems so obvious.

Other than them, some species I think would be cute/fun are:
Caimans (Alligator version of the Cub villagers)
Geckos (heck, reptiles in general- I'd love snakes too if they could figure out how to do them)

*horrible bird imitations*
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User Info: deoxyscyclone

1 week ago#8
Bats, Owls, and Crows/Ravens, mostly.
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User Info: Mikokiri

1 week ago#9
I think they could do some creative stuff with a few Platypus villagers. I'd be happy with 4 to start with.
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User Info: Allistare

1 week ago#10
There is a fox, Redd is his name. He usually is an event character that sells paintings. There is also a lizard, though I haven’t interacted with her in game yet.

it seems certain animals have been reserved for NPC usage... raccoons included.
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