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User Info: Lord_Mudkip

1 week ago#1
and put them in order from favorite to least favorite. Put a reason why if you feel like it. but i will go first.

Bill the duck! his name is like his face. he has a bill. i normaly dislike jocks but i love birds and ducks and he is cute when he talks about muscles :D

Horsby the rhyno. first of his species i have had in town and since i recruited him off an island he is adorable! Blue and cool i cannot wait to get to know him better.

Reneigh the horse. at first i disliked her. but i am slowly warming up to her. i do not like horses.

Pinky the bear. just invited and i have not experience.

Now it is your turn!
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User Info: The_Altrox

1 week ago#2
Meh Squirrel
Meh Rhino
Meh Bull

You can tell who my favorites are.

User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

1 week ago#3
Elmer - best horse
Peggy - i actually like pig villagers
Tybalt - he's cute
Hazel - unibrow squirrel is fine
Daisy - she's cute, but kinda basic looking
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User Info: IndegoRune

1 week ago#4
Plucky Chicken
Teddy Bear
Ava Chicken
Pink Asian Panda Bear I forget the name of
Demon Goat I forget the name of, but he is a demon goat and I love him, so I just call him Demon Goat.
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User Info: Puglia77

1 week ago#5

Chevre was a dream villager I wanted back in New Leaf, glad I got her as my random normal personality. Peanut and Sylvia are growing on me, but I definitely would like to kick out Jacob and Rowan at some point.

User Info: Sopheroo

1 week ago#6

I don't hate any of them, really, I reseted for a starter pair I liked, and took my time picking my other three

User Info: gregcamhon

1 week ago#7
Diva - RuPaul (can't wait for this one to leave its my only one I hate)

Bangle - s*** stain (OK I don't like this one either)

Bones - boof

Skye - iceberg

Roald - pingu, my cute lil chubby penguin bro
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User Info: razorkaos

1 week ago#8
Phoebe, Antonio and Felicity.

Felicity just moved in, so I didn't have a lot of conversations with her.

I like Phoebe and Antonio a lot.

Not gonna lie, I wanted to have Bill in my island. He's one of my favorites.
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User Info: The_Altrox

1 week ago#9
gregcamhon posted...
Bangle - s*** stain (OK I don't like this one either)
Wow, doing my girl dirty.

User Info: PsychoWolfX

1 week ago#10
Blue jock deer. I really like him already.

The other one is a koala bear who's name is escaping me. She's orange and seems to enjoy fishing.
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