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User Info: Heropon_Riki

5 days ago#1
I'm making this topic because there is a lot of misinformation online about what the experience is like if you are not the resident representative. Let's go over some of the things secondary players can and can't do. I'd also like to list workarounds for some of the issues and ask some questions about things I haven't been able to test yet and see if other secondary players can clear them up.

Things you can't do as a secondary player:

-Initiating, contributing to or finishing the primary island progression quests. This includes getting blathers to show up, upgrading the shop, building the first bridge, getting the items for the first three villagers that move in, upgrading residential services, or bringing K.K. Slider to the island. The RR will get to choose the location of all of the buildings in these quests, so be sure to collaborate with them and come to a decision together. Please comment if I missed any of the major island progression quests.

-You will not initially get the DIY recipes that are obtained during these quests by the RR for free, meaning for the first few days you will likely have less recipes available to you.

Things you CAN do as a secondary player (confirmed by me):

-The good news about quests is that non-essential quests such as Gulliver and Wisp are still available to you just like they are for the RR. In fact, you can even complete them after the RR has already done them! If you visit Gulliver after one player has already completed his quest, he will say that he lost the parts again, and still needs your help. I can also confirm that player one does NOT need to complete the quests first, as I am the only player on our island who has encountered Wisp at all.

-There are even a few exceptions to "primary" quests. Secondary players can donate the initial 15 items to Blathers and initiate the quest with the Mabel sisters.

-Secondary players can also donate items to the museum, but it's worth noting that only one of each item can be donated to the museum by either player (so if the RR donates a common butterfly, you can't also donate one for example.) This is probably why there isn't a Nook Miles achievement for donating items.

-The DIY recipes obtained during quests for the RR ARE still available to you! Essential recipes like the axe will appear in the shop for you to buy for a pittance, and non-essential recipes like the tiki torch are added to the random pool with all of the other DIY recipes and can be acquired from balloons, villagers and bottles.

-Interaction with Villagers is NOT limited in any way that I have noticed. You can invite them to your island from Nook Miles islands just like the RR, they will still gift you items, reactions and DIY recipes, and you can send and receive letters from them. I will edit if I find any interactions exclusive to the RR, but for now the rumor of limited villager interaction seems entirely false.

-You can play online with no additional restrictions. You can NOT however play co-op online, so you will have to close your airport or leave other players' islands if you wish to switch characters.

-You can interact with special villagers such as Saharah and Celeste with no restrictions that I am aware of.

-You can alter the island using your tools, including planting and removing trees, placing items, and even picking up items placed by the RR. The only place you can't freely make changes to is other player's houses, but this restriction also extends to the RR who cannot make changes in your house.

-You can create custom designs, and all designs are shared between players meaning you can use designs the RR created as well. These designs can be used in all of the same ways as the RR, including custom furniture.


If you have a second controller, it takes only a few seconds to call in the RR, who you can then take control of briefly to work around any restrictions that exist. You can call them in for a minute to talk to NPCs for quest progression, or to use their DIY recipes. You can simply drop the items/money needed on the ground, swap to the RR, have them pick them up, and then have them drop any created items you want for yourself. Because the non-controlled character teleports to you, it's very easy to get around in co-op even if you are only using one controller at a time, so their presence is not needed to access their features. I mostly use this workaround when I want to use the DIY recipes my sibling has obtained that I don't yet have. This workaround was also useful when I had the materials needed to complete quests but they didn't, allowing us to both contribute and share responsibility like you should have been able to do without a workaround.

Questions/Things that need to be tested:

-Can secondary players use the island designer app? Right now, I think this is the most important question to be answered to determine whether not being the RR is a minor nuisance that can be worked around, or a game-ruining limitation. Quest progression really just requires either some communication to make sure you make decisions mutually, or using co-op to drag the player into conversations if the RR doesn't play regularly. Terraforming however is a major game function that you will be doing constantly, so briefly entering co-op isn't an adequate workaround for it. Seeing as secondary players can make most other changes to the island and have so far had access to the same apps, it seems unlikely to me that terraforming is locked to the RR, but if it is it will really suck. I'm asking anyone who has unlocked terraforming through early access or time traveling to please test this ASAP.

Possible (but not confirmed) limitations that should be easy to work around with the co-op trick:

-Can secondary players move buildings after the initial placement?
-Can secondary players change the town flag or song?
-Can secondary players build plots for additional residents after the initial set?

All of these, like the quests, only need to be done rarely and can be achieved simply by pulling them into co-op for a minute or two to initiate the conversations.
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(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: navi854

5 days ago#2
Can secondary players change the town flag or song?

Yes they can, theres a nook achievement for it so it’s accessible to all players.
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User Info: Karovorak

5 days ago#3
Seriously, thats pretty important information for many people.
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User Info: Varsityboy9

5 days ago#4
Can you delete the second player and if so, how?
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User Info: piranhapete

5 days ago#5
I've heard that the second player can't get the default workbench recipe, is this true? Even so, I suppose the RR could make it and drop it for the second player.
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Can the second player build bridges, ever?

RR just built the first bridge, but second player can't find the recipe.

User Info: Hoid

5 days ago#7
this should be stickied
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User Info: Heropon_Riki

5 days ago#8
gravitywell01ma posted...
Can the second player build bridges, ever?

RR just built the first bridge, but second player can't find the recipe.

It's my understanding that building bridges is another residential services function similar to building new plots for villagers. Should be another really simple co-op workaround, especially since bridges are expensive as hell so it will be a rare occurrence.
"Much like the pill bug, I too must continue to move forward."
-Heropon Riki (paraphrased)
I requested sticky, great info TC
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User Info: __poi_____

5 days ago#10
How do I add more people? Just load the game under a new profile? I wouldn't mind making some alts.
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