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User Info: supernova1

4 days ago#293
FC: SW-1759-4764-1878

Native fruit: Pears. Growing Oranges and Cherries
There can only be one
FC: SW-8513-9105-8226
Name: Shade71
Fruit: Peaches

EDIT: Sent request to everyone from page 22-30. Will also accept any friend request until list is full.
Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-8513-9105-8226
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: DevilOfRhine

4 days ago#295
Looking for: Southern Hemisphere friendships, Apples, Pears.

SW: Through PM

Island: Hateno

Hemisphere: Northern

Native Fruit: Oranges

Aquired Fruits: Coconuts, Peaches, Cherries.
The world is run by pompous demons, and we blame god?
When we created the perfect environment, on top of which they rule.
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: zero0817

3 days ago#296
Name: Bobby
FC: 1792-8960-4309
Island: Keri
Fruit: Oranges (also growing apples and coconuts at the moment)
PSN - AbsoluteBobby
Just opened my gates if anyone wants to come by :-) I have Pokemon sweaters and silly custom designs on display

(FC: SW-8258-2708-6298)

User Info: ronteen14

3 days ago#298
FC: SW-4456-6162-9516
Name: RonManEX
Island: Carolina
Fruit: Apples

User Info: pokericyz

3 days ago#299
FC: SW-1897-0455-0792
Name: Ericyz
Island: Torigath
Fruit: Peaches. Growing apples and pears. Need oranges
FC: 1177 - 7815 - 4565
PSN: ericyz

User Info: contrast_529

2 days ago#300
Not sure if anyone is still looking at this, but I’m looking to add some friends and visit some towns!

FC: 6976-9648-7565
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