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  3. I pre-ordered from Target and I was charged 3 times !!

User Info: supatpit

5 months ago#1
I pre-order the bundle which include notebook from and they charged me 3 times

I place an ordered since Feb, 5

1st times I was charged on Feb, 6
2nd is on Feb, 14
and the 3rd is on Feb, 22

Anyone else ?
What should I do?

User Info: Sakuraiya

5 months ago#2
Hmm. I like to say that they haven't actually "charged" you per say. But more on the sense that they make it that they're charging you but leave it on pending without actually taking the money out.

I think Best Buy and Gamestop does the same, they do it to make sure you have the money.

But then again, I could be completely wrong. See if your completed transactions actually show the money leaving your account.
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User Info: supatpit

5 months ago#3
My credit card was issued by Thailand bank.

User Info: Bloodmoon77

5 months ago#4
I work at target. Call customer support then maybe your card company.
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User Info: TheeDeputy

5 months ago#5
Like the above post said— when you have something preordered at Target, every week or so they seem to attempt and charge your card(it will show up as a pending transaction in your bank) however it doesn’t actually go through. This process repeats until it is ready to be shipped or picked up. I’ve had this happen with pretty much all of my preorders there, whether it be action figures or video games. I think it’s just their way of making sure the card or bank account is still active.
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  3. I pre-ordered from Target and I was charged 3 times !!
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