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  3. When to start doing blitzball games?

User Info: jazz36

1 month ago#1
I know I need to do Blitzball games for Wakka's overdrives and for teleport and return spheres, but should I start after Luca or wait till later?

User Info: dalien00

1 week ago#2
Wait until later, because you need 250 battles before Status Reels shows up as a prize, and 450 battles for Auroch Reels to show up (unsure if Wakka actually has to be in the party or get exp for these battles to count).

What you can do right after Luca is play for his Attack Reels though (which is his best overdrive anyways). Having Attack Reels will help a lot with some of the story bosses.

Recruit these guys for a strong early team:
LF - Tidus (already have)
RF - Wedge (outside the stairs leading down to the locker rooms in Luca)
Center - Ropp (in the inn halfway up Mi'hen Highroad)
LD - Zalitz (on the right side on the path leading up to Luca Theater)
RD - ??? might be someone you can get for this spot but I just use one of the base Auroch defenders
Goalie - Jumal (on the left side bench outside the Luca bar)

Play the first two games of League to get some experience for your guys, so Tidus can learn Jecht Shot etc.

Now this is important, after the second game ends, hit "BACK" and do NOT hit "Continue playing blitzball". Save your game.

The reason for this is the game rolls the prizes when you open the blitzball menu.

Once you saved, go back into the blitzball menu and the Tournament should be up with Attack Reels for the prize. If it's not Attack Reels, reload your save and check again, repeat until it shows up.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: jazz36

1 week ago#3

Truth be told, I managed to get the attack reels and snag some return and teleport spheres.

My team at the time was this...

LF: Tidus
RF: Wedge
MF: Zev Ronso
LD: Botta and later the one crusader past the moonflow river.
RD: Ropp
Goalie: Jumal.

Once I finished Yunalesca, I'll be able to start getting Brother and others for the rest.

User Info: ZforZelda

6 days ago#4
Ropp + Jumal is enough for attack reels, I did this several times, psv/steam/switch.

You could S&L for better tournament arrangements like:
1, You're rolled as a seed team so you only have to play two games, instead of three.
2, Luca and Al-Bhed face each other before you so you only need to beat one of them, they're the strongest team early on.

I had to hunt a bit after Yunalesca for status reel to show up this time, I suppose I had not met the 250 battles criteria...
(edited 6 days ago)
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