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User Info: Ohioguy1980

1 month ago#1
I only just started the game but figured out a way to beat the behemoth in the first murkrift at beginning levels.

You will need a decent chunk of money for this point in the game and some serious RNG luck for this method.

Buy one or two Phoenix downs. You are given one super early for free. Three total should work. You will also need two or three of the early item that inflicts poison.

You want numbers in this battle, not stacks, as you will get killed in one shot as per the tutorial version of the battle.

Open up with using the poison item. It will take at least two full durations of him being poisoned to get him to a low enough HP to catch. Hopefully, you only need two or three uses to make it happen. Just defend each turn quickly while he is poisoned so that he gets lots of turns to lose HP. Do not attack as he can counter. When you are at only one surviving member left, use a Phoenix down as their turn. You also want to hope that he misses his attacks a couple of times as that will help quite a bit. Catching him in one or two tries once he is catchable helps out tremendously as well.

It only took me a handful of tries to beat him this way at my early levels. I actually ended up beating him twice because I had defeated party members the first time and didn’t realize that they did not get experience so I reloaded.

User Info: olrac_2000

1 month ago#2
Thanks for this idea. I was able to do this on my first try. I needed 4 poison fangs and it only took him down about half way. I reformed my stacks and took turns using dark magic from Black Nakk and Thunder from Zapt and healing as needed. The stacks kept me from being 1 shot. I was level 11 when I did this.

Also, you can farm the black choco chick in the Plains are for 1300 Xp and 300 Gil. But, you need to go to the save point and warp back to home base and then back to the plains. I only did this 3 times as it was tedious.
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