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User Info: Kitty91

5 months ago#1
So the only mirages I have left to collect now are from high level coliseum battles or from EX dungeons and hidden dungeon, but im lvl 70 and I can't touch them. I did try to go into the first EX dungeon to see if I can train there but I got stomped on straight away. Any ideas where to grind.
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User Info: MrSirDrProf_sma

5 months ago#2
Not sure myself. At that point I went back to do new game+ because Nightmare Difficulty enemies give out a lot more exp and gold.

Plus I got to keep all Mirages except the story ones(7 Pleads) and the DLC giant mech Mirage. By the time I get back to that point, I can turn it back to the normal difficulty and play through it normally. Lol

The closest place I found to fitting my needs was Exnine Castle's upper floors.
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User Info: omgItsDermis

5 months ago#3
Stealth mirajewel/black chocochick with flee and get to the final part of the final ex dungeon. Best place to level up. For the bosses just use whatever element they’re weak against and they’re aren’t too bad.

if you can’t get there the icicle ridge ??? zone is pretty good for a bit.
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