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User Info: Kitty91

5 months ago#1
Just battled the mega red dragon and it took me about 6 tries. Had an ice stack and a fire stack. Used ice moves and ice throwing items and was doing fine until the dragon used its big fire attack which killed ice stack straight away, struggled to keep up the reviving with no turn in between to heal back up as the dragon would kill again, im lvl 23. I ended up killing with fire stack and leaving the others dead :(
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User Info: MrSirDrProf_sma

5 months ago#2
Remember that you can use elemental resistance mirajewels and seeds to help fix your stacks' innate weaknesses. Just 1 Knocks a -50 weakness down to -25. Which takes away 25% of the attack's base power, in other words makes your day a lot easier. Lol

I recently got this game too, and have been steadily grinding.
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