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User Info: taervek

8 months ago#1
I put in so much effort in the last 4 years to finally get the Maduin Memento, and Maxima raised the bar again. The fishing minigame is so much worse than the minigame for Maduin. 10k points? I can barely get to 5k! For Noctis' jewel, I don't think it's worth it.

I might try, for the simple fact that my "Who's Who" is at 99%, and that's all that's missing from a 100% run of the game, but that thing is insane.
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User Info: baenino

7 months ago#2
So I just got this jewel, what worked for me was using a pro-controller and using both thumbs, I had my left thumb on Y/X duty and right thumb on B/A with the occasional left thumb on B when A was also needed to be pressed. Idk if it's worth mentioning but "games" seemed to follow a loose pattern that which ever button it started on (Y/X/A) that's what a majority of the "sequences" would start with and once you get the hook on leviathan and need to press all three, you can just button mash.

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