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  3. Is it even possible to beat the damn Doll boss?

User Info: Cactrot

1 year ago#11
allstar64 posted...
Cactrot posted...
allstar64 posted...
I think I may have missed this boss. I'm at the end game and I didn't see it nor have I seen any Quest triggers I didn't do and I've been all over the town many times. Where is it?

This involves the girl you find by the scarecrow. After that, you can find a woman near the tower above the market who tells you somebody is stealing broccoli pies.

You probably got those two parts, it's the next one that's easy to miss. You need to go behind Pasmina's house and kind of poke around by the edge of the wheat field. From there you should be good.

Yeah I did that and then nothing. The quest said I found the "thief" but I didn't get any more steps in the quest. I will note that I originally missed this quest right until just before the final quests of the game (I was on chapter 8 when I found Margo, stupid me searched that field but never from that particular angle). Am I supposed to get an update?

I don't remember the exact details, but the next step involves talking to the woman who told you about the broccoli pies. I want to say you report back to her, and then later- possibly one chapter transition later, unfortunately for you- she will figure out who Margo is and take you to the graveyard.

I don't know for sure that the trigger for that is advancing a chapter, though. Maybe it's enough to just go speak to her? If nothing happens after that, I'm afraid I don't know what to tell you, it might be missed.

User Info: allstar64

1 year ago#12
Yeah I must have missed it cause the woman who gave me the quest isn't forwarding the quest. Oh well. I actually tried pretty hard in the earlier chapters to find her including searching the fields but I was looking for the Blue speech bubble and always approached the fields from the opposite side so I never saw her.

User Info: Cactrot

1 year ago#13
I did the same thing- looking for the blue text bubble and passing those fields from the hill on the right--and didn't find her for several chapters where I could have. This despite my thinking I was doing a full sweep of the map once each chapter. It was dumb luck when I did find her in chapter 6.

I also had no problem with the Doll boss, and that makes more sense to me now. I probably had better upgraded ideas than people who found her as early as possible.

User Info: JDavidC

1 year ago#14
I just did the scarecrow visualize thing where you're put at a certain power level instead of what you earned with Eureka points, and I noticed I got significantly buffed. Fighting Nightmare Doll ASAP isn't recommended, as you're underlevelled by that point.

To get to fight this boss, you need to start off by investigating a scarecrow making noises to find Margo in the first place. Later, you need to be on the food street in the commercial district where you talk to a woman about broccoli pies disappearing. After that, you need to go around behind a wheat field to find Margo again.

This should lead you on to the part where you have to fight Nightmare Doll, and the name is fitting if you unlock the fight ASAP.
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User Info: akwan_tarot

1 year ago#15
Fighting the Doll ASAP is hard, but winnable; you probably need to know the mechanics very well. Waiting one chapter makes the fight a lot easier, not only because of the Eureka points, but also because that unlocks some very powerful upgrades, such as the blue ideas gaining Invincible or Pierce. (Invincible allows a single yellow to hold off an entire horde, or kill them all if you have enough ATK, and with more you even have a good chance of absorbing the deathrattles. Pierce allows you to do lots of damage if you have a few reds.)

In any case, the rewards are not especially big (one good ally plus 1 Eureka point), so waiting one chapter is probably recommended. The reward for Minnie's perfume is better.

User Info: Dharengo

1 year ago#16
Fighting it ASAP is probably the most fun I had in this game.

User Info: dune20_84

1 year ago#17
I had so much fun doing this in chapter 4.


User Info: dune20_84

1 year ago#18
TenchiLD posted...
TenchiLD, upgraded Slam has Pierce attribute when used so that has been a huge lifesaver for me in many battles.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the tip TenchiLD . Helped me beat her in chapter 4.

User Info: Snoopdawwg22

1 year ago#19
I beat it on my first try in Chapter 8, does this mean I should be able to beat the last boss without much frustration?
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