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User Info: Steve Nick

Steve Nick
2 months ago#1
What are some good things about this game?

Other than the obvious of, "It's a 2d Mario platformer"
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User Info: ArcadianGenesis

2 months ago#2
excellent level design
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User Info: LordDragonMaste

2 months ago#3
It was worth $60 when released on the WiiU
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User Info: CaIiber345

2 months ago#4
“It’s-a me, a-MARIO!”
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User Info: EffectAndCause

2 months ago#5
It’s everything I want in a side scrolling Mario game.

User Info: Blinking_Nora

2 months ago#6
Being able to choose any character in singleplayer is an excellent change
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User Info: cruddy kong

cruddy kong
2 months ago#7
Multiplayer is fun
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User Info: Hulkasaurusrex

2 months ago#8
I never played 2d mario since smw so seems like a good deal with all the dlc from what i can tell.
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User Info: spatoola

2 months ago#10
fun to play with the switch nes controllers
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