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  3. What songs did you think were older surprised you upon finding out they were

User Info: ju_mu

9 months ago#1
actually more recent then you think. In this day and age where classic rock radio is starting to play more early to mid 90s music, and its not uncommon for stations to play early-mid 2000s songs like green days american idiot or foo fighters the pretender because those were just as huge hits as any of thier older hits. It made me think what songs did you associate with a certain decade only to find out it was actually a mid-late 80s song or later. Its not uncommon to think a song from a band with 30-40 years success like rolling stones start me up or tom pettys free falling were mid-late 70s songs due to thier peak years being in the 60s, 70s or 80s when in actuality start me up was 1981 and free fallin was in 1989. But one song that surprised me with its release year was george thourogood bad to the bone. I was always under the impression it was made in the late 60s/early 70s at the latest because it screamed 70s biker anthem but it really surprised me to find out it was made in 1982, which was just around the start of the hair metal craze. Crazy i know.
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User Info: 1234Life

9 months ago#2
I thought “Ocean Man” was a song from the 60’s/70’s.

User Info: phobia881

9 months ago#3
Georgie Porgie Thorogood is the king of Boogie Rock AND Roll. Not just one or the other

User Info: FarFromFields

9 months ago#4
Thunderstruck came out in 1990. That's a good 10 years later than it sounds.
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User Info: HokagoTeaTime

9 months ago#5
Every Stevie Ray Vaughan tune
A bunch of Neil Young songs starting with Freedom, including Rockin' in the Free World

User Info: BilalPowell

9 months ago#6
I thought Rock This Town was from the 50s the first time I heard it, but it's from the 80s.
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  3. What songs did you think were older surprised you upon finding out they were
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