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User Info: CountDrugula

1 year ago#1
Rate Pearl Jam's 1993 song "Black" from the album TEN - Results (38 votes)
5.26% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
7.89% (3 votes)
5.26% (2 votes)
13.16% (5 votes)
18.42% (7 votes)
50% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
* I f***ed up the poll title, it should say 1991

Zeroes and incremental ratings (ex. 8.5/10, 7.2/10) must be in a comment for consideration

To check another band off the list of bands we somehow haven't featured yet, let's do a Pearl Jam song. "Black" is one of the band's most well known songs that still gets more airtime than anything Pearl Jam released since the 1990's, but it wasn't actually a single and ascended the charts on reputation alone. That sort of thing is rare, but it's easy to see why this power ballad with classic rock throwback tendencies was being cited as "THE" Pearl Jam song back in the days of yore. It has one of Eddie Vedder's more emotional yarling sessions, he really belts it out in the bridge and nails the atmosphere this song goes for. But despite all of that, I'm really not much of a fan of "Black", its overplay on the radio is one thing (my mom's favorite Pearl Jam song is "Black", that should tell you how much it still gets played). I'm just not a huge fan of power ballad type songs and "Black" is among the most overhyped Pearl Jam songs ever. I give "Black" a 6.5/10, it isn't bad but it does nothing for me anymore, give me "Release" or "Garden" for ballads on Ten over it every time.

Album version (5:43)

Live at Pinkpop 1992 (5:20)

Live at Madison Square Garden in 2004 (7:38)

Back to our other grunge luminaries Soundgarden, whose similarly hyped "Black Hole Sun" garnered 38 votes, enough to put them at #2 behind Metallica for most submissions in polling history. "Black Hole Sun" received an average of 7.8947/10, very high but also not enough to beat Metallica's 8.68. With this poll comes the end of Rate this Black Butt Rock Groove month, send in some submissions for March because it won't have a theme and I want to knock some user requests out.

Rate this Black Butt Rock Groove February 2018 results:

1. Death from Above 1979 - BLACK HISTORY MONTH - 6.67/10 (9 votes)
2. Sevendust - BLACK - 6.5/10 (16 votes)
3. Metallica - FADE TO BLACK - 8.68/10 (46 votes)
4. White Zombie feat. Iggy Pop - BLACK SUNSHINE - 6.9995/10 (20 votes)
5. Thrice - BLACK HONEY - 6.84/10 (21 votes)
6. Soundgarden - BLACK HOLE SUN - 7.89/10 (38 votes)

Rate this Crunchy Butt Rock Groove January 2018 results:

1. Smashing Pumpkins - MUZZLE - 8.31/10 (13 votes)
2. Stone Temple Pilots - CREEP - 7.04/10 (25 votes)
3. At the Drive In - ARCARSENAL - 8.18/10 (17 votes)
Request: L7 - SLIDE - 7.33/10 (9 votes)
4. Limp Bizkit - BOILER - 3.625/10 (16 votes)
5. The Cranberries - ZOMBIE - 7.06/10 (35 votes)
6. Tool - LATERALUS - 7.84/10 (37 votes)
7. The Dillinger Escape Plan - UNRETROFIED - 6.18/10 (11 votes) >>> <<<

User Info: phobia881

1 year ago#2

of course someone gave it a 1 already

User Info: DaveTheUseless

1 year ago#3
Nihilisticangst Jam Creepypasta Channel. R.I.P. Harry Kalas. I love Jesus Christ.

User Info: 16-BITTER

1 year ago#4
10, one of their best, and I'm not even a big Pearl Jam guy. They were at their best at this kind of stuff
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User Info: juicebox4

1 year ago#5
easy 10
Outta the sky, into the dirt

User Info: DaveTheUseless

1 year ago#6 Creepypasta Channel. R.I.P. Harry Kalas. I love Jesus Christ.

User Info: leafsfanatic81

1 year ago#7
great song


User Info: BloodPump

1 year ago#8
Man I should give Ten a relisten it's been over four years I think.

This songs an 8, and its not even the best track on the record.
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User Info: m_robbins

1 year ago#9
Never been a fan of Pearl Jam and this is an easy 10.
"The day I listen to reviewers, is the day they stop giving terrible games like Call of Duty 9's and 10's across the board." Krauser86

User Info: CountDrugula

1 year ago#10
Just because it's on an album called Ten doesn't mean it has to get so many 10/10s, wow this one is collecting mad tens. >>> <<<
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