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User Info: dsh01d2

6 months ago#1
Is it possible to recover from death/item loss (well technically I didn't die, my game lost power in a dungeon)?

Because I can not see how. I have lost all my good equipment, that I had protected from status effects. It had taken me the whole game, dozens and dozens of hours to build those items up, and now they are gone.

The only thing I can really think of doing is wiping my whole game and starting again. How do you recover from this? I should have been able to go into the next story dungeon but now there is no way I can survive in such advanced dungeons. Are you not meant to be able to recover? In which case shouldn't the game just delete your save and start again anyway?

So I now have to just go back to early dungeons and try and farm new equipment? If I have to do that I may as well start again anyway?

User Info: Crystalorbie

6 months ago#2
Wait, you haven't ever put anything in the locker while at the school?

Usually you'd start stockpiling backup stuff in case of something like this.

Anyways, if you put a lot of effort into your equipment already, I assume you went through the effort of using the garden to get materials for them?

Starting over slows that down, you're at your fastest right now, so just let that continue.

If seeds are the issue, there's a girl with nectar over her head near the school shop, always buy her out of seeds. Take as much spare omega power into dungeons too, you can find a wandering flower crowned monster that sells seeds and actual materials.

If you did put anything into the locker, especially spare Fairy Wings, bring one and go until you get some equipment in the latest dungeon you can go into.

Story Dungeons get very gradually harder so it shouldn't be too bad to try again, the main thing to worry about is traps getting more dangerous/annoying and enemies that steal or transform items. (you can swing over a space in front of you to reveal traps on it and no traps spawn outside rooms)

That said, if you're worried then either avoid dungeons you know have a boss or definitely bring Fairy Wings to leave before facing one.

If money's an issue, use the fairy pair in a dungeon run and bring in 1000 omega points with you. You'll make back so much more.

The challenge dungeons meant for each character are all 'Start from scratch' type dungeons because you can't bring stuff into them, but you can bring stuff out, so it may be worth trying them. Also trying, whether fail or pass, passes time to grow the garden.

I think the GPS strap service does cover loss of items because of a dungeon death (which I believe the game counts as such: quitting a dungeon without saving, voluntary or not) so if you had them strapped check the shop. May cost a good chunk of omega power but the fairy pair can help with that.

No matter what, Story Dungeons never expect equippable gear above 2 star rarity, so its not as hopeless as you may think. (Yes, even the few that start dropping 3-star armor gear, as the game expects you to slowly power them up with fusion instead of using forging tomes, at least until you try the 99f dungeon)
Try to make sense of the above post.
Go on, I'll wait... maybe.

User Info: gheebee

6 months ago#3
That really sucks but if you can’t recover the items with the GPS straps then you’re screwed and will have to get them again, unfortunately. There are other ways to lose items regardless of whether you had GPS straps on them too. I kind of don’t see the point in starting over though because you’d no longer have the abilities you gained by spending nectar, you’ll lose all your other items (locker items, seeds, and materials), not be able to work as much of the garden, have fewer partners to choose from, have fewer levels unlocked, and other things won’t be unlocked; best to leave the story progressed imo.
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